Monday, October 30, 2017

You can taste it on the wind... it is almost here.

Pokemon is a very popular choice for Halloween costume among some gay men...

I don't know if the intent was Two-Face or a half-Joker. Either way, it's spectacular.

Did you know....that the Crow people believed the "Little People" -- a race of tiny, ferocious, mega-strong, spiritually powerful dwarves -- lived at Medicine Rocks in eastern Montana?

The voodoo doll in the 1975 film Trilogy of Terror is one of the Little People. They threw some African clothes on it so the film wouldn't draw protesters...

Wow, THAT is great makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that the 2001 horror miniseries tie-in novel The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red started out as an architecture book -- designed to showcase the production design of the show? When ghost-writer Ridley Pearson's "diary" text proved so compelling, the architecture angle was jettisoned and the publication turned into a straightfoward novel (in epistolary format)...

That's a great costume! Adam and Steve...

Tomorrow!! Tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Avoid moonlight...


Did you know... that the Hell Gate at the west end of the Missoula Valley near Missoula, Montana, is framed by the Rattlesnake Mountains to the north and northeast and the Bitterroot Mountains to the southeast, south, and west. The eastern mouth of the valley is defined by a narrow pass between Mount Jumbo and Mount Sentinel, which leads to Hellgate Canyon. Members of the Bitterroot Salish (aka Flathead) tribe often traveled through the Missoula Valley on their way east to bison hunting grounds. As the Salish passed through the valley's narrow eastern and western mouths, members of the Blackfeet tribe would often attack and kill them.

The Salish called the valley lm-i-sul-étiku, which transliterally means "by the cold, chilling waters". Metaphorically, it means "the place chilled with fear".

French trappers passing through the valley were horrified to see the skeletal remains of hundreds of Salish in the deep canyons which formed the valley's entrances. They called the valley "Porte de l'Enfer," or the "Hell Gate."

It retains that name to this day. Hellgate High School in Missoula is also named for the valley. So was the town of Hell Gate, which existed just west of where Missoula is today.

Worst. President. Ever.

DICK Grayson is aptly named.

Li-berry check-in at Noble Neighborhood Library!!! (My ILL book loan was due.) One of my zillion errands today.

I refuse to post these to the front page of Wikipedia any more. But I will post them here. The article I wrote or assisted with is in bold.
Did You Know ... that the Riverside Cemetery Gatehouse in Cleveland, Ohio, is somewhat Gothic in form, with buttresses, a turret, crenelated chimneys, a winding staircase, and a giant stained-glass window?
48 hours...

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hellbent is a 2004 gay slasher film directed by Paul Etheredge-Ouzts.

* * * * * * *

Halloween finds Eddie (Dylan Fergus) dressing for Halloween in his father's police uniform. Eddie wanted to be a policeman like his father but lost an eye in a training accident. Now he works as a police tech instead. Distributing flyers about a series of local murders, he meets Jake (Bryan Kirkwood) in a tattoo shop.

Eddie meets with his friends Chaz (Andrew Levitas), Joey (Hank Harris), and Tobey (Matt Phillips), and they head for the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. The devil-masked killer begins following them. When he learns of Eddie's glass eye, the killer seeks to remove it and make it his own...

* * * * * * *

About 2000, executive producers Michael Roth (Circuit), Joseph Wolf (Fade to Black, Hell Night, Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch), and Karen Lee Wolf (Children of the Living Dead) conceived of the idea of a serial killer horror film featuring gay characters. Paul Etheredge-Ouzts, an art director who had worked with Roth on two films, got the writer-director's job after the producers read an unfinished screenplay he was working on.

With no background in horror, Etheredge-Ouzts viewed as many horror films from the 1980s as he could locate. He transformed the stock horror tropes ("the final girl", "the ingénue", "the slut", "the tough guy") into gay characters. He also chose to keep the killer as anonymous as possible, so the audience would project their fears onto the murderer.

Second unit filming began at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnvial in October 2001. While planning music for the film, Etheredge-Ouzts queercore vocalist Nick Name (aka Kent Bradley James) to see if he would be interested in writing music for the film. Name, who had been an Abercrombie & Fitch model, was asked to play the serial killer in the film.

Casting concluded two days before principal photography began. "Eddie" was supposed to be Latino, but very few Latino actors turned up to audition and none had any acting skill. Dylan Fergus was cast at the last moment to fill the role. His haircut was awful, but the producers decided not to cut it; if the haircut turned out badly, there was no time for his hair to grow back.

Filming occurred on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, and a wooded location in Los Angeles. Several sets were built on soundstages to depict the carnival and streets, while Los Angeles buildings (including a local church) were redressed to look like carnival venues.

Principal photography occurred in October 2002, and involved a cast and crew of about 30 individuals.

Etheredge-Ouzts had never been able to devise an appropriate title for the film. The producers held an online contest to allow the public to name the film (sight unseen). Although several thousand suggestions were submitted, most were very poor. Many were sexually inappropriate, some too campy, and others too topical (which meant they would not stand the test of time). Among the suggestions received were Boy Meets Knife, Queer Eye for the Dead Guy, and 28 Gays Later.

Among the final eight submissions received on the final day of the contest was the title Hellbent. Etheredge-Ouzts chose Hellbent for the title because it was aggressive and simple, as well as a play on words (referring both to the devil-masked killer and the "bent" [e.g., gay] victims). The title was also flexible, in that it could refer to the killer, the victims' recklessness, or the fast pacing of the picture.

The Hellbent advertising campaign claimed the motion picture was the "first" gay slasher film. However, this is not an accurate claim, as the gay slasher films Make a Wish (2002), Dead Guys (2003), and High Tension (2003) all preceded it.

Three days.

I'm making my favorite: Salmon, spinach, and shiitake stir-fry in oyster sauce.
Barbarian at the gate? I need to be raped and pillaged. No, hold that: Just raped.

Did you know... that the 1943 RKO horror movie The Ghost Ship has a plot almost completely derived from the fact that RKO had a tanker ship set and it had to be used? That the motives of every single character in the film remain vague and uncertain, to highlight suspense? And that producer Val Lewton and director Mark Robson purposefully used single-source lighting to create deep shadows, which helped to both highlight the cheapness of the set as well as create unnerving disorientation for the audience?

Well now.

Fall is sort of maybe kind of here. Half the trees are still green, a quarter are in full color, and a quarter are bare.

Did you know... that among the reportedly haunted locations in Washington, D.C., there are:
  • A "demon cat" that prowls the Capitol just before a national catastrophe or prominent death?
  • The spectre of the judge who sentenced the Lincoln assassins to death, walking down First Street NE in a blue suit and cape, pondering their guilt?
  • The ghost of Abigail Adams, wandering the White House -- arms extended as if she were still carrying laundry into the East Room, accompanied by the smell of soap or damp clothing?
  • Philip Barton Key II's ghost can be seen in Lafayette Square, near where he was shot and killed?
  • The spectre of Dolley Madison can be seen rocking in a chair, smiling at passersby, on the porch of her old house on Lafayette Square?
  • The spirit of a well-dressed young woman can be seen at the top of the staircase at the Octagon House, and seemingly begins to fall -- only to disappear?
  • That on misty nights, the clanking of chains and the moans of slaves can be heard near the FAA Building on Constitution Avenue -- once the location of the notorious Yellow House slave pen?
  • That near the anniversary of Marian Adams' death in early December, her spectre on the fourth floor of the Hay-Adams Hotel will begin sobbing, opening and closing doors, turning TVs and radios on and off, and whispering, "What do you want?"
  • The ghost of Evalyn Walsh can be seen gliding down the staircase of the Walsh Mansion near Dupont Circle?
  • At the Woodrow Wilson House in Kalorama, staff say that late at night they can hear sounds of shuffling feet and the occasional sobbing -- as if stroke-stricken Woodrow Wilson's spirit still lived there?
  • That a spectral stagecoach can be seen racing across M Street Bridge in Georgetown, only to disappear at mid-span -- as it did when the original wooden bridge there collapsed?
  • That guests at the famous "Ghost Suite" at the Wardman-Park Hotel have heard faint voices, felt cold breezes, and seen doors slam shut and open of their own accord, and that staff have heard voices and noises coming from the closed and empty Suite 870?
He reaps, to sow in three days.